Raya 2018

Our Raya collection comprises vibrant and rich colours in our signature style, modern and minimal. Our batik is painted on the finest silks and cottons, tailored into Malay classic baju for the festive season.

Reimagined I

All twelve tenun shawls of our first Tenun Reimagined collection are hand-woven silk by Cheminahsayang of Pahang. The shawls are inspired by the plants in nature. Each piece was designed, painted by an ancient method known as sapuan before the yarns are tied in ikat before being woven.

Oriental Collection

Our Chinese New Year Collection was hand-painted in the three main colour stories of the festive new year. Prosperity red and orange, porcelain blue and white, and the lustre of black & gold.

Saree Collection 2017

Our decadent saree collection was a medley of bright colours, in the finest silks and cottons.

Lotus Clutches

Our second collaboration with Thai haute jeweller Lotus Arts de Vivre, we designed an exclusive of 10 evening clutches, using our signature lotus motif, embroidered by the Queen Sirikit foundation then crafted and embellished with jewellery by Lotus Arts.

For Men 2018

Our menswear collection spans a series of rich colours and classic motifs. Crafted in cotton, silk satin and crêpe de Chine, each shirt is tailored to the client.

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