“Batik truly inspires us, as we are able to use this medium to illustrate our ideas into reality. With creative designs PINK JAMBU furthered a brilliantly innovative look to contemporary batik design, bringing it to new heights.

Every piece signifies our efforts, dedication and most importantly our passion. We strongly believe in delivering outstanding productions and quality workmanship.

As a result, we have always felt that each finished piece should be appreciated with as much dignity as a work of art.”

Pink Jambu is a luxury batik house founded by design director Tengku Marina Ibrahim in 1992  in Kuala Lumpur. Throughout her 25 years of experience, Tengku Marina has stood at the vanguard of modern batik, challenging the strokes of classical design by applying age-old techniques to her relaxed vision of batik.

As a batik house, we believe in the highest quality and sustainability of production. We put in the special care only found in hand-made products. Our batik fabrics can be bought outright in metres, or custom tailored shirts for men and signature silhouettes for women such as the baju kurung Pahang, baju Kedah and modern kebaya. Offering an approachable elegance through collections inspired by nature, we take you  seamlessly from day to night.

A stalwart of local design and craftsmanship, Pink Jambu has previously collaborated with national charities such as Yayasan for our collection of Songtik as well supporting young Malaysian artists. Our specia ongoing project is a collaboration of paintings by young Malaysian artists with special needs, Maria and Fitri.

In 2017, we are promoting promote Tenun Pahang Diraja (woven silk fabrics from Pahang), which has experienced a recent revival.