Oakley Sunglasses——Excellent Design and Good Feeling for Wearing

Many people are familiar with the brand Oakley. Because of its excellent design and good feeling for wearing, it has become many players’ first choice—the Oakley Sunglasses. With constant creating motivation and passion, our brand is always in the leading place.

The story of Oakley

Oakley was started by James Jannard in 1975 out of his garage with an initial investment of $300. The name "Oakley" came from Jannard's dog, an English Setter. Jannard began by selling what he called The Oakley Grip out of the back of his car at motocross events. His motorcycle grips were unlike other grips available at the time, using a patented material known as 'Unobtanium', a unique creation by Jannard. This is the first product of Oakley which obtained two technical patents.

The feature of Oakley

Oakley glasses are a new concept to traditional glasses. Oakley integrates comfort, practicability and artistry. A lot of experiments and tests have been done on the design of the products and the material to ensure its comfort and high quality. Oakley is multifunctional and fashionable.

The fashion of Oakley

In short, the fashion of Oakley is the fascination to innovation and the passion to challenge all of the rules. And due to the fascination and the passion, Oakley has its special thought and insistence. Oakley shows the special passion with its famous Advanced Sun Glasses first. The glasses always lead in scientific fields because the glasses surpass limits over and over again due to using the high technology and many top players from different items wear our glasses. This is where our motivation and passion lie. Fashion is not only cool, young, comfort, but also the spirit of ceaseless. We always continue developing and creating. Oakley is the only one product which satisfies all the requests you can imagine and cannot. We use artistic means to apply these invents and it has been deeply rooted in our culture. Decades of innovation brings us special product technology. And now, Jannard’ brand has become the successful symbol of excellence. When people are in challenge and cannot accept any bad function, Oakley is your ideal choices.

The Fashion Spirit and Dream of Oakley

As the SVP in global marketing and brand developing department, Scott Bowers sits in front of the journalist from New Marketing scholarly,  leaning forward and only occupying one third of the chair. Behind him, the cool Oakley products on the display shelf catch people’s eye. Whenever it comes to interest, Bowers gets up and takes a pair of Oakley glasses to wear. Only now you can find Bower’ good shape like players and his sports temperament in coordination with the Oakley sports glasses. In fact, Bowers was a skier and he wore goggles sponsored by Oakley before entering Oakley. From 1988 when Bowers entered Oakley, he held the post of  sales manager, sports marketing director, sports marketing vice president, and the vice president of global marketing. He was busy with brand management, market and customer segmentation, strategic planning, sports marketing and integrative activities, etc. He increased exposure of Oakley through nontraditional way of Olympic sports marketing and made Oakley one of the three top brands of Olympic Games. Due to his remarkable success, he got the honor “The Annual Top 100 Marketing Mans” chosen by Advertising Age.

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